A MODEST PROPOSAL [a Point of View]


Singaporeans are always complaining about foreign labour coming into the country and taking their jobs, but many of these jobs are either low-skilled or low-paying jobs that Singaporeans are not willing to take up themselves.

Rather than waiting for an entire generation to approach working age, I propose to hire these children (ideally as early as 6) to do these jobs. They can learn to clean and wash outside and also earn some money to help with their parents’ monetary burden. This way, parents can worry less about providing for them, since they are providing for themselves. At the same time, they will be able to learn to clean up after themselves and reduce the need of domestic helpers, who happen to contribute to the number of foreign labour too.

Hiring children can also help to teach the weak “strawberry generation” how to endure hardship and stop complaining. They will be able to learn what made the pioneer generation so tough and hardy. Instead of explaining to them how tough their lives used to be, why not just let them live it?

But of course, you must be thinking: “What about their education? How can they study and work at the same time?” Well, the older generations have always prided themselves for managing studies and helping their family out. Yes, they study less subjects, and in less intensity, but every generation is the same right? Instead of letting your children enjoy watching cartoons or picking up hobbies like art and music, just push them to learn hard skills like math and science at a young age, not like this is new to anyone. If you start early, you don’t have to worry about not being able to catch up.

If people need convincing, just look at the British Empire during the Industrial Revolution and the pioneer generation of Singaporeans. They can learn to do work while studying. If it works for the previous generation, it must work in the present. Right?

I would love to get into more details but honestly, anything that isn’t accompanied by a picture or a video these days isn’t worth your attention anyway.


DAD VADER [a Point of View]


Darth Vader. Galactic Villain. Servant of the Dark Side.

Despite his many flaws and wrongdoings that cast the galaxy in darkness, he did it all for one ultimate purpose. Family.

He turned to Palpatine for guidance when he learnt that Padme could die, and he would lose all of his family, including his unborn children. He sought to find that higher, but forbidden, power to stop her from dying.

When he met Luke on Cloud City, he promised to rule the galaxy as father and son. He wanted a sense of belonging once again. He wanted power to finally protect the family he had failed those years ago.

On the second Death Star, he knew that to save his children, he has to give up his life. The ultimate sacrifice to ensure the safety of his children from the Emperor. He knew he, as Vader, has to die so that he can once again be brought back to the light side, to be a Skywalker again.

Darth Vader, may not be the perfect moral character in Star Wars, but he undoubtedly wins Father-of-the-Galaxy.