Marvel Studios’ quirkiest space family is back for another adventure in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Once again directed by James Gunn, the film boasts of the same formula that made the first film so successful: Nostalgic music, silly humour and colours. Like a epilepsy seizure-inducing Unicorn Frappacino.

After the first film’s success in capturing a fanbase of of both adults and children alike, Gunn cashes in with a family-orientated space adventure about family, easter eggs and Baby Groot. Honestly (maybe I am seeing this as an adult), I felt that the film has been made child-proof, with a huge emphasis on Baby Groot and his undeniably cute factor and the issue with family. Rocket and Star-Lord, Star-Lord and Gamora, Gamora and Nebula, Drax and Mantis, Star-Lord and his father, Ego, it is as if the whole film has moved from a space adventure movie that people called the “Star Wars of Marvel” to being a colourful, more fleshed-out version of a soap opera.

There is enough easter eggs and action to make it entertaining to adults too, but I feel that the adult-orientated content has been underwhelming. Overall, the film is still really entertaining with the humour and the action, but it feels like a kids movie. Yes, Marvel movies are a little tamer than their comic book counterparts like Fox (Deadpool, Logan) or DCEU (BvS, Suicide Squad), but it is a wining formula nonetheless.


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