KONG: SKULL ISLAND [a Film Review]

One of the most well-known monster in film history is back, and it is a roaring success. While “King Kong” had become somewhat of a camp to itself in the early film history due to the ridiculous spinoffs and adaptations, its return in the 21st century with Peter Jackson’s King Kong (2005), with its beautifully done CGI landscape of  Skull Island and motion capture performance by Andy Serkis, made the monster a box office cash cow again. Kong: Skull Island does not disappoint as an action “kaiju” film, and yet, it shows that it is possible to remake film classics into modern wonders, with the right script and CGI technology. The classic conflict between man and nature, and its emphasis of Man’s place on this elusive Skull Island, is yet again explored in this film; all with a touch of Lilliputian grandiose. As the first film to really tease out Legendary Pictures’ Monsters Universe, Kong: Skull Island‘s success will undoubtedly leave the audience craving for the ultimate showdown between Kong and Godzilla. As Ken Watanabe’s character in Godzilla (2014) once said: “Let them fight.”


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