MONEY MONSTER [a Film Review]

Money Monster, directed by actress-director Jodie Foster, tells a story of a Wall Street guru (George Clooney; Gravity, Tomorrowland) who is taken hostage by a gunman while the rest of the world watches as the expected-unexpected happens in a Wall Street film. Yes. A gunman. Against the whole world (or whoever is watching the show, including the police). That is how big the stakes were.

The lone fact that a gunman is capable of holding a celebrity hostage while the rest of the studio’s crew continues to film what goes on is unbelievable. Funny how the lone gunman was able to achieve so much chaos in Wall Street. What is more unbelievable is how the police handles the situation. It is like the police wants to help the gunman achieve his goal of attracting attention and getting justice.

But I have to agree that the film did show how powerful media and stock market influencers are. The ability to control what traders would think and do and the way to communicate information to them shows how much we depend these modern pillars of life.

Then again, this film is supposed to show the rise of the working class. The rebellion of the blue-collared. In the end, the film just shifts its focus to the media, tasking the studio to perform real journalism to uncover the secrets behind a stock market crash. Once again, the spotlight shifts away from the working class, and onto the influential (media) and the rich (Wall Street), ironically identical to the film’s premise. So, is this film supposed to be satirical?

NOTE: Honestly, I have nothing much to critique about this film. Everything is just a Hollywood pass, nothing of merit.


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