MARVEL’S ANT-MAN [a Film Review]

Marvel’s Ant-Man is Marvel Studios’ 12th film of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With superhero films becoming ever more common and plot lines so predictable, it is hard to think how a near “B-class” superhero like Ant-Man could compete against the star power of The Avengers or Guardians of The Galaxy, especially after the successes of both films. But director Peyton Reed proved other wise in this superhero-heist film.

After Chris Pratt of Guardians of The Galaxy managed to transform from a regular funnyman into a action star, many are looking to Paul Rudd, star of Ant-Man, to recreate that formula. Rudd’s performance as Scott Lang, an ex-convict convinced to become the titular hero, shows us that not only is Rudd, who is more well-known for his comedic performances in Anchorman and This is 40, is capable of handling more dramatic and action-based films too.

Having to follow the hype after the second Marvel’s Avengers film, Ant-Man sure has a lot of work cut out for them. Instead of trying to come out with a way to skip over the fact that the Avengers are out there, the makers of the film used the opportunity to bring in some more-established characters into the film. We all know that eventually Ant-Man will join the Avengers, but the film showed us how an average superhero can rise up to level against the Avengers.

The music was a perfect companion to the visuals of this film. Paying homage to classic heist movies, this film’s score differs from that of other superhero films to make it less heroic and more “average-guy” sounding. Since the film centers primarily around a heist job, the music fits well to the genre and greeted us with a new and unique movie experience.

Marvel’s Ant-Man is the latest Marvel Studios film to grace the theatres and is supposedly the conclusion of Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Phase 2. With such a fantastic job well done, fans would absolutely be hyped for what’s coming in Phase 3.


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