TOMORROWLAND [a Film Review]

Tomorrowland, directed by Brad Bird (The Incredibles, Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol), is the latest Disney summer movie to hit the theatres. With a theatrical idea centered around a themed attraction in Disneyland, this movie sits on the fence between a typical Disney cash cow and a movie of spectacular proportions.

Essentially, this film makes us ponder if knowing the future is necessarily a good thing. Britt Robertson stars as Cassie, a teenager with a high hope to change the world, who was thrown into an inter-dimensional turmoil concerning our world’s future. She has to convince Frank Walker (George Clooney), a man who had lost hope of making the world a better place, to take her to a place where there is hope for the future. A place called Tomorrowland.

This movie has the typical Disney “fairy dust” to make the otherwise-grim and realistic depiction of a world heading towards an end into a family-friendly movie about hope and changing your destiny. Undoubtedly, this film is part of Disney’s continual effort to influence the kids of tomorrow to step up and change the world. With the intentional humour and near-fantasy glimpse of reality, Brad Bird veers nearer to his more famous works in Disney/Pixar’s animation films (see The Incredibles, Ratatouille) than his later works in action-based films (see Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol). His works in animation proved useful in this film as he converted the out-of-the-world magic of animation into a beautiful painting of CGI and action sequences.

The main cast of the show, Clooney and Robertson, shared much chemistry in the film. But it is his on-screen scenes with child-actress Raffey Cassidy, who plays an Audio-Animatronic (basically a robot) out to recruit Cassie to help her, that earns the most points.

This film bounces between the images of hope (based on Disney’s vision of the future) and despair (Disney’s vision of reality), in a cleverly mixed plot that would serve to entertain families for a little more than two hours. A good substitute, especially if you can’t afford to bring them to a real Tomorrowland in Disneyland.


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