MAD MAX: FURY ROAD [a Film Review]

If you like the sounds of clashing metal and nitro burns, you are likely a fan of the Fast And Furious franchise. Upsize that carnage and add in a post-apocalyptic setting and you get Mad Max: Fury Road.

One of highly anticipated summer movies of 2015, this film by director George Miller continues the story of Max from the Mad Max film franchise of the 80s.

The whole movie takes place in an endless desert, caused by a nuclear apocalypse that sends civilisation into chaos and fire, as Max (Tom Hardy, Inception, The Dark Knight Rises), along with Furiosa (Charlize Theron, Monster, Snow White and the Huntsman) attempts to escape from Immortan Joe and his army of war machines modified from salvaged vehicles.

The plot of the movie is simple to follow, but fails to capture the attention from both genders. The idea of trying to save the women kept as “breeders” for Immortal Joe seemed to only serve as a side dish to the main course of testosterone-filled action and carnage. So much so, that at times after the intense action sequences where the character explains about their backstories, you just felt like pressing the fast-forward button to skip it all.

Beautiful women as eye-candy, ridiculous amounts of explosions, story line that seemed to only serve as an excuse to make it into a movie, this film had the ingredients of a disappointing summer movie. Luckily the acting chops of Charlize Theron and Nicholas Hoult, starring as a brainwashed lackey of Immortan Joe, saved the otherwise “Michael Bay-styled” summer movie.

A 2-hour spectacular of vehicular warfare and explosions, this movie makes Fast and Furious look like a kid playing with his Hot Wheels. This is a good movie for the boyfriends to hang, while the girlfriends continue to shop.

UPDATE: How this made-for-blockbuster film managed to get nominated for Best Film at the Oscars was beyond me. Sure, it is entertaining with the action, practical effects and now-iconic characters like Furiosa, but its plot is definitely not the best of that film. Maybe this is the sign that the Academy is starting to recognise summer blockbusters as potential award-winning films too.


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