Shaun The Sheep Movie, based on the popular British animation series, Shaun The Sheep, follows the titular mammal and his woolly gang on yet another adventure. Only this time, his mischief has caused his farmer, only known as “The Farmer”, to be lost in a land unknown to the farmfolk, the Big City.

The movie follows the classic stop-motion animation style of the other classic Aardman productions (Wallace and Gromit and Chicken Run). Being shown on the big screen, you can see every pain-staking detail put into creating each character in the film. You have to admire the efforts the artists and animators put into bringing them to life.

The movie is filled with classic family-friendly humour, but also possesses multiple attempts at adult-aimed humour. Ranging from parodies of modern culture to homages to other animation films, the adult-oriented humour would have you pondering which aspect of culture are they aiming at. Hearing from how the kids and their parents reacted in the theatre I was in, I would say they managed to pull off all, if not, most of the intended humour in the film.

Shaun The Sheep Movie is a family-friendly adventure to be enjoyed by families especially during this festive period. It will undoubtedly bring laughter and joy to each kid, and a sense of nostalgia to the fans of clay-mation productions like the early 2000s’ Chicken Run. Do stay till the end of the credits roll for more laughs.


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