UNBROKEN [a Film Review]

Unbroken is a film directed by internationally-acclaimed actress-director Angelina Jolie. It offers a look into the life of legendary Olympic athlete Louie Zamperini, from his early career as a rising star in the Olympic world to his struggles in World War 2.

The movie presents Louie’s life in two major arcs, with the first, paralleling to that of 2012’s Life Of Pi, detailing his survival aboard a lifeboat after an unfortunate engine malfunction sends his plane along with its crew crashing into the seemingly endless stretch of sea, and the second detailing his time as a prisoner of war.

Throughout the film, we are reminded of how a man can become stronger by overcoming self-doubt and breaking through his own mental barrier. There are no distinct character that portrays the antagonist to this film, although self-doubt seemed to play as the “bad guy” to Louie with the isolation at sea (in the first arc) and the cruel Japanese commanding officer (in the second arc) portraying as Louie’s version of self-doubt.

Overall, this film is an inspiring film to watch. War movie lovers will love the details placed into portraying the conditions of a Japanese POW camp, while drama lovers will appreciate the development of Louie’s character as a growing athlete to war survivor.


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