Kingsman: The Secret Service, directed by Matthew Vaughn, offers a 21st century look at the meaning of “secret agent”, a character most recognisable by the looks of James Bond, Jason Bourne and even Frank Drebin from the Naked Gun series.

Vaughn pays tribute to the early Bond films in the most polite way. From the villain’s typical “take over the world” plot, to the ridiculously-skilled lackeys, to girls who throw themselves at the sight of an irresistable hero, you would think that you are watching a film about a young James Bond taking on the mantle of who he would be known as in the future. The movie, as with Vaughn’s recent films, brings just enough amount of humour and slapstick to an otherwise typical spy-action flick (see examples like Kick-Ass and X-Men: First Class).

Overall, the movie gives a new look to the “spy” genre, while paying tribute to what the films in the early years have clearly defined. Bond fans will enjoy the small teases to early films, and action flick fans will marvel at the spectacular execution to the meaning of “license to kill”. Kingsman, welcome to the “spy” game.


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